Holistic Wellness

Programs to Support Mind, Body and Spirit

There’s more to feeling your best than diet and exercise. That’s why we take a holistic approach to wellness. We offer fitness programs designed for every ability. Intellectually engaging activities to improve brain health. Worship services, bible study and meditation to nurture your spirit. Plus, formal and informal opportunities for social engagement. It’s all designed to support your well-being so you can live your best life.

8 Dimensions of Wellness


Exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep are the building blocks of physical wellness. Additionally, regular checkups, limiting your use of alcohol and caffeine, and learning how to reduce stress can further protect your health. We offer a variety of fitness classes to improve balance and strength, plus Pennypack Park has miles of trails to explore.


Maintaining healthy relationships, caring about others and contributing to your community are signs of social wellness. In other words, stay connected and engaged. It can give you a genuine sense of belonging. Check out our activities calendar for opportunities to connect with others.


Continuing to learn, staying curious and expanding your knowledge and skills boosts cognitive function. Reading, playing an instrument, drawing, tutoring, crosswords, even trivia contests improve brain health. Lifelong learning classes, book clubs, puzzles, games and more are all available to help you stay sharp.


Managing your feelings, coping with challenges, building resiliency, and behaving in trustworthy and respectful ways are indicators of healthy emotional wellness. On-site support groups, grief counseling and daily interactions with team members and friends can help you process your feelings and brighten your day.


This is about finding meaning and purpose in your life and participating in activities consistent with your beliefs and values. Worship services, meditation, music performances and nature walks can all help connect you to your spiritual self.


Your surroundings affect how you feel. While you can’t always choose the environment you live, work or play in, you can limit your exposure to unsafe or harmful areas. On the flip side, clean, green and friendly spaces, such as Pennypack Park and our inviting common spaces, support your well-being.


Work that provides personal satisfaction and fulfillment can continue long after retirement age. Volunteering, for example, can keep you motivated and engaged. Plus, it strengthens your social network. You'll find many opportunities at The Lafayette to volunteer, serve on committees, and share your skills and talents.

Health Services

Health screenings and staying current on your shots are essential for healthy aging. In addition to preventive care, having access to the health services you may need can improve your quality of life. At The Lafayette, we offer a full continuum of care on campus, including personal care, home health, memory support and skilled nursing.

We Love Getting Together

There’s a genuine sense of community at The Lafayette. We love getting together for Happy Hours. Encouraging each other in a morning fitness class. Discovering a shared interest in an arts and crafts class. Discussing a hot topic with Friendship Club members in the library. From social events and celebrations to resident-driven clubs and volunteering, there are endless opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

Close to nature. Near the city.

The Lafayette is located in the Fox Chase section of Northeast Philadelphia amid the beauty of Pennypack Park. Residents enjoy a serene setting surrounded by woods that change with the seasons. Restaurants, shops, museums, golf clubs, plentiful healthcare options — all that Philadelphia offers — is within easy reach. And if you’re traveling farther afield, there are train stations minutes away.

“If you’re looking for a place with spirituality, friendliness and loving care, I think The Lafayette is the place to go.”

Margret, Lafayette Resident

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