Rehabilitation and Therapy Services at Redeemer Senior Living

July 1, 2024
Rehabilitation and Therapy Services at Redeemer Senior Living

At Redeemer, we understand the importance of providing high-quality rehabilitation and therapy services to support our residents' health and well-being. Our comprehensive care programs are designed to help seniors regain their independence, improve their mobility, and enhance their quality of life.

This guide will focus on our physical therapy programs and the benefits of on-site therapy services.

Physical Therapy Programs

Physical therapy is a critical component of rehabilitation, helping seniors recover from injuries, surgeries, and manage chronic conditions. At Redeemer, our physical therapy programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each resident, ensuring personalized and effective care.

Personalized Assessment and Treatment Plans
  • Initial Assessment: Each residents begins with a thorough assessment conducted by our licensed physical therapists. This evaluation helps identify the specific needs, goals, and potential challenges for everyone.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Based on the assessment, our therapists develop personalized treatment plans that may include exercises, manual therapy, and other modalities designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility.
  • Progress Monitoring: Regular assessments and adjustments to the treatment plans ensure that residents continue to make progress and achieve their rehabilitation goals.
Specialized Therapies and Techniques
  • Balance and Fall Prevention: Our programs include exercises and techniques to improve balance and coordination, reducing the risk of falls.
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: For residents recovering from surgery, we offer specialized rehabilitation protocols to promote healing and restore function.
  • Pain Management: We use a variety of techniques, such as heat/cold therapy, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation, to help manage pain and discomfort.
  • Strength and Endurance Training: Tailored exercises to help residents build muscle strength and improve cardiovascular endurance, essential for daily activities and overall health.

Benefits of On-Site Therapy Services

On-site therapy services at Redeemer provide numerous advantages, making it convenient and efficient for residents to receive the care they need without the stress of traveling to external facilities.

Convenience and Accessibility
  • Immediate Access to Care: Having therapy services on-site means residents can receive immediate attention and start their rehabilitation process without delays.
  • Reduced Travel Stress: Eliminating the need to travel for therapy sessions reduces the physical and emotional stress on residents and their families.
  • Consistent Scheduling: On-site services allow for more flexible and consistent scheduling of therapy sessions, ensuring residents receive the necessary care at regular intervals.
Integrated Care Approach
  • Collaboration with Healthcare Team: Our physical therapists work closely with other healthcare professionals within Redeemer, including doctors, nurses, and occupational therapists, to provide a coordinated and holistic approach to care.
  • Comprehensive Health Monitoring: On-site therapists have the opportunity to observe residents regularly, enabling them to monitor overall health and promptly address and emerging issues.
  • Personalized Care Continuity: Consistent interaction with the same therapists fosters strong relationships, leading to more personalized and effective care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What conditions can physical therapy at Redeemer help with?
A: Our physical therapy programs can assist with a wide range of conditions, including post-surgical recovery, chronic pain, arthritis, balance issues, and mobility impairments.

Q: How often will I have therapy sessions?
A: The frequency of therapy sessions depends on your individual needs and treatment plan, as determined by your physical therapist. Sessions may be scheduled multiple times per week or as recommended for optimal recovery.

Q: Are family members allowed to observe therapy sessions?
A: Yes, family members are welcome to observe therapy sessions with the resident’s consent. This involvement can help families understand the therapy process and support their loved ones more effectively.

Q: What qualifications do your physical therapists have?
A: Our physical therapists are licensed professionals with extensive experience in geriatrics and rehabilitation. They undergo continuous training to stay updated on the latest therapy techniques and best practices.


At Redeemer, our rehabilitation and therapy services are designed to provide comprehensive and personalized care to help seniors achieve their highest level of independence and quality of life. With our specialized physical therapy programs and the benefits of on-site therapy services, residents can recover and thrive in a supportive and convenient environment.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.

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